Research paper outline


Obviously, you are aware of the fact that an outline is usually not that long. However, the preparation process will most likely take more time than you have expected. Choosing a topic is one of the most important aspects in this respect. You need to select a major issue in order to come up with an informative and research-based piece of writing. Later on, you can narrow it down to a few issues in case that is necessary.

Any outline should be divided into several categories and they are supposed to have sub-categories as well. To be more precise, each point you mention is a brief explanation of what you are going to do in order to come up with an extensive research on the issue under consideration.

Speaking about outline writing in general, you should keep it short, simple and informative. Try to provide sufficient information regarding each point. Yet, do not go deep into detail. That is what you are required to do when you are working on a research paper, not an outline.

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